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chris barzak catches me catching himBarzakian Secrets of the Barzakian Plan for Barzakian Galactic Domination:

1. Wear great shirts.

P1030381.JPG2. Get on the Colbert Report.

3. If (2) does not work: Dance them to death. However. There has to be dance practice. And perhaps karaoke. But no mp3s of the performance, please!

Higgins, Lanke, Martocci, Barzak4. Get old before everyone else and get photographed at a party or a wedding to prove it. Pick him out if you can!

Blow Em Out!5. Then surprise and horrify everyone by becoming younger and younger every year.

6. Favor sloth but practice the opposite.

7. Design (but have someone else host) A Mad Tea Party.

8. Live on the edge of a verb. A noun. Or an adjective.

9. Get your international freak on.

10. Have local pop star write a song about you. (Wait, he already did that.)

11. Write a novel.

12. Publish novel today.

13. Take over blogosphere for 24 hours. Have the print and TV media in your town pick it up. Become a star. Shine, baby, shine.


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