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Skinny Dipping: Dark T-ShirtWe have a bunch of “stores” on Cafe Press. If we actually sold much of this stuff we’d quit selling books in the drop of a pink Men’s Raglan Hoodie. But they’re more for fun than anything else.

This came up because Anne Sebba, author of a new biography of Jennie Jerome (aka Lady Randolph Churchill), reminded us we have an LCRW store. The other stores are:

Skinny Dipping: Dog T-ShirtWe haven’t added shops for the ’07 books yet—maybe we will, maybe we won’t. Any requests will be read and (after a quick trip to Maine), perhaps acted upon.

In the meantime the last one of these we added was for Alan DeNiro’s Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead. We really hope these doggy shirts are popular this winter.


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