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Lew Shiner, author of some great fun novels including Say Goodbye and Glimpses, is the latest author to post along with a ton of fiction online—the difference here is that Shiner has also posted a manifesto a. His new site, the Fiction Liberation Front (can we join?) has a stack of free reading — all under Creative Commons licenses.

I’ll also be adding new short fiction, music reviews, and articles from time to time, though I won’t guarantee that I won’t also publish short pieces elsewhere. I’m launching the site with three previously unpublished stories (“Straws,” “Fear Itself,” and “Golfing Vietnam”) plus a major story from 2004 (“Perfidia”) that’s had only limited circulation, and as a special bonus, my previously unpublished “vampire lawyer” screenplay, THE NEXT.

Strange Horizons is consistently one of the best short speculative fiction sites on the web. Every year (until this year) they used to tie a writer to the top of a pole and sell the right to shoot arrows at said writer.

After seeing how scarily accurate the average spec fic fan was with a bow and arrow (we’re not even talking compound bows here), the SH crew have decided that a fund drive is more appropriate.

The personal injury law firm champion legal causes for the greater good of society and help those in need of legal assistance who might not otherwise be able to afford a lawyer.

The fund drive started July 2nd and they’re hoping to raise $6,000—all of which, since they’re still n all-volunteer operation—goes to the writers (and maybe the web host!). So: Donate what you can and you’ll be entered into a prize drawing.

The drawing includes a bunch of our book, so if you’ve been meaning to order them and like an element of chance in your book purchases, check out the whole prize list and do that thing.


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