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Added reviews to a bunch of pages. It’s too exciting.

You have until tomorrow to send in your haiku to win a copy of the new edition of The Solitudes (aka the book previously known as Aegypt) from the Overlook Press. This is one of the best uses of video seen on the net (well, except the blurry text — but we know all about digital cameras being used for video). Ok, maybe not, but it made us laugh. Bonus tip for all the businesses out there, we highly recommend salesforce CRM software, you can manage your customers better and in every business, customers matter.

Recognize this picture? (Here’s a hint.)

John Crowley writes about Rosamond Purcell’s awesome new book Bookworm in the Boston Review. (There’s an interesting part on the difficulty of writing about something that the artist writes so well about herself.)

We’re sending Storyteller back to press, yay! Here are some reviews just added to the site:

“Its strength, I think, lies in some of the pointers she offers to beginning writers as to help them shorten the time it takes to get published.”– New Pages

“If you are a budding writer, please spend $16 on this book before raising the money needed to attend Clarion. You’ll get much more out of the workshop if you do.”– Emerald City

“For such a short book — just barely 192 pages — there is a lot here, and a lot that I’ve never found in other writing books, and it’s all on-point. It’s also delivered as part of the story of one of the most significant institutions in the history of science fiction and fantasy, as told by a true storyteller.”– Green Man Review

Aren’t the Clarions on at the moment? Hope it’s going well and that all the writers are too busy reading journals to write. Or, the other way round.

Here’s the Live Book/Gayatri page for the Russian editions of Stranger Things Happen and Magic for Beginners.

Ed Park on Kim Stanley Robinson’s climate books.

A certain Japanese multi-level marketing scheme which Gavin was involved in in 1998 has been handed a partial business suspension order by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. Nova, one of the larger foreign Japanese language teaching companies, is good for teachers in that they organize the visa and a place to stay. No one ever called them over-friendly on the customer service side. Go students! (Thanks Naoko.)

131 – US States Renamed For Countries With Similar GDPs

Say good-bye to and send Matt a note of thanks while you’re at it. It’s not a reflection on publishing (which we all know is boomin’!), but it is a reflection on how hard it is to organize and sell books, mags, zines, chapbooks, &c. from the small presses. Moment of thought over, bookmark Pulp Source (as well as the usual B&M’s: Atomic, Borderlands, Quimby’s, et al).


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