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Catching up again (before disappearing, again):

  • Jack’s posts from a trip to China are excellent
  • Generation Loss gets a good review in the Boston Globe:

“Highly recommended for the reader who yearns for something more complex and literary with a touch of goth.”

Liz and Ron Hogan of Galleycat pictured to the right. Tons of his pics here. We did not take so many, er, any, pics. Liz signed a ton of books, did a reading in a spot with terrible acoustics (but she sounded [and looked] great doing it), and generally charmed booksellers and everyone else she met.

  • Bill Sheehan wrote a wonderful review of Endless Things for the Washington Post Book World. The cover, blown up to 2′ x 3′ stopped people dead in their tracks (so messy, all those corpses) at BEA and there were more than a few people wailing with happiness about the publication of the last Aegypt book.

Endless Things is the fourth and last installment in a vast, intricate series of novels collectively entitled “Aegypt.” The series (which is really one long novel) began in 1987 with the publication of Aegypt (soon to be reissued as The Solitudes) and was followed by Love & Sleep (1994) and Daemonomania (2000). It was clear from the start that Crowley was on to something special, and the appearance of this final volume confirms that impression. In its entirety, “Aegypt” stands as one of the most distinctive accomplishments of recent decades. It is a work of great erudition and deep humanity that is as beautifully composed as any novel in my experience.”

Note: Overlook Press begins publishing the series in paperback in autumn with the publication of The Solitudes—and we know this for sure because we picked up a copy at BEA.

Here’s an interview with John from May 2006 about the book—and it’s published just a year later.

  • It’s true, there is a new LCRW and we will get it mailed out this week. Quick, someone send us a couple of cases of chocolate bars!Also, there is a cover for autumn’s The Best of LCRW (not final, so don’t quote it!). Taken from Jacob MacMurray’s journal.

“It draws on standard fantasy and horror ideas – zombies, fairies, etc but, trust me, it’s like nothing you’ve ever read. Blackly funny. Wildly inventive. Utterly insane.”

Best American Fantasy gets a review on NPR: listen to a minute of Kelly reading “Origin Story” or read it.

Stranger Things Happen slips into New York’s “The Best Novels You’ve Never Read”:

“A book that could be shelved under several genres—horror, fantasy, literary fiction—it suffers from the limited ways in which we think about literature.”
—David Orr, Times Book Review

That’s a pretty good book list. If only the stack weren’t quite so high. Lists or pics may follow.

  • Posted a very few WisCon pics.
  • Again with the rec for Hang Fire Books blog — for the writing on buying books and the scans (wistful Ohio girl, Bambi, pizza platter remote control planes).


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  1. Gwenda on June 5th, 2007 1:41 pm

    I like this one, which should be your America’s Next Top Model audition photo — http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/524430483/!

    LCRW cover = awesometastic.

  2. synergyank on June 5th, 2007 2:39 pm

    doesn’t take much to mentalgasm does it?

  3. Erica Lorraine on June 19th, 2007 8:36 pm

    Maybe limit submissions to one per person per year?

  4. lcrw on June 20th, 2007 5:57 pm


    Oops, this came in on the wrong post.

    Good idea. I think with electronic subs we can do that, but with paper it’s a hassle. (Oh no, not that!) So maybe in the future it will be possible.

  5. Will A on June 25th, 2007 6:34 pm

    If you do switch over to electronic subs, then you could also muster a geographically diverse army of slush readers.

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