Water Logic

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Marks, Water LogicAlmost in time for WisCon (and in fact from there), we’ve got a page up for Laurie J. Marks, whose third Elemental Logic novel, Water Logic, comes out in one week.You can read an excerpt of the book on Laurie’s site — which has just had an amazing update so there are now interviews, pages on the series, a map, and there will even be a song!Last night at the author reception (at one of our favorite indie bookstores A Room of One’s Own) Laurie read one of the folk tales from Earth Logic (the second book, afer Fire Logic).Later in the convention Laurie will be doing another reading, that song mentioned above will be performed (by Rosemary Kirstein), Laurie and fellow Guest of Honor Kelly Link will interview one another, there will be desserts, some speechifying, more possibly-fascinating panels than you and your clone army can attend, and a Water Logic book release party held in the local acquarium.In the meantime PW reviewed the book:

“Marks plays the fantasy       of her unfolding epic more subtly here than in previous volumes, and       the resulting depiction of intransigent cultures in conflict, rich       with insight into human nature and motives, will resonate for modern       readers.”—Publishers Weekly

After WisCon, we’ll be off to BookExpo, where there will be copies of this book (and some of our others) available, then a couple of weeks later we’ll be at ALA for the first time (hello…!)—but more on that later.And somewhere in between there we should do a giveaway of this awesome book (or maybe a package of all 3 in the series) but we will need to come up with ideas of how and why to give the books away.Off to load books into a book room and see if the Tiptree Bake Sale is open today or if we have to wait until tomorrow.


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