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Last Thursday we threw an tiny local shindig (ouch?) at Artifacts gallery in the Florencian part of Northampton. We had lined up the readers, gotten in the chairs, talked to the weather god and cursed* the Sox for playing that night … all the usual set up thingies. (Need flyers put up fast: call Flyer Girl!)

Liz Hand drove down from Maine, showed us her new tattoo (a work in progress), signed books like she may have done it before, and still managed to finish a book review by her deadline. Paul Park arrived and eventually we headed over to the space: which is huge, beautiful and fills us with longing. (We could do such things in such a space! We could put the letterpress here, the silkscreening could be done over there, the tandoori over over there.)

The Artifacts people, Ann, Julia, and Bob, had done tons of set up and the place was organized. We just needed peeps. And peeps, they arrived. They parked their jetpacks carefully (only one small brush fire) flocked to the refreshments, and admired Susie Horgan’s Punk Love photos—Liz knew some of the people and places!

Happily for us, Erik wrote the evening up for the MassLive Sound Check blog with links to all the readings:

Click here for an advice column on the topic of confronting an electric toothbrush that seems vaguely malevolent.

Click here to listen to Elizabeth Hand reading from Generation Loss.

Click here to listen to John Crowley reading from Endless Things.

Click here to listen to Michael DeLuca’s reading of “The Utter Proximity of God” from Interfictions.

Click here to listen to Diana Gordon reading “Sliding” from LCRW 19.

There’s no recording of the hilarious Paul Park story (“A Short History of Science Fiction”) as he is still working on it.

After all the readings Philip Price and Flora Reed of the Winterpills played a short set. It was mind-blowingly gorgeous music and a great cap for the evening. Then there was still a chance to buy books and CDs (and beautiful silk-screened Winterpills tour posters, ahem), and much swapping of “When I first read John Crowley…” tales.

We videod parts of each of the readings but if those go up here it will be in a while. Here’s Diane on the night and Friday’s (weekly) parasite.

* Just kidding. Who is brave or stupid enough to curse the Sox? Not us!


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  1. John Marks on January 24th, 2008 2:35 pm

    This isn’t so much a comment as a desperate cry for help from a Northampton author. I need that Flyer Girl but can’t find any listing for her. Does she still fly? If so, do you have the coordinates? Thanks for understanding. Your blog looks cool, and I will come back and read more, I promise. I like the looks of Hang Fire press.

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