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Birnbaum on Generation Loss (where he notes our antecedents and gets a plug in for AVH Books). GL was also mentioned in Sarah Weinman’s Dark Passages column on the LA Times:

Cass is a marvel, someone with whom we take the difficult journey toward delayed adulthood, wishing her encouragement despite grave odds.

Very much enjoying the friction in the reviews that comes from the book being a page turner about a superficially unlikable character. Must gather the quotes on Cass at some point.

We have good news about an ’08* title which we will spill (the news, not the title) at some point soon. (In other words: we have a new book coming, yay! 1 of 3 we’re planning so far. Hello future.)

Mr. William Smith, writer of an occasional film column for our august journal, has a bookity bloggity thing here where much pro-zombie writing will no doubt be posted.

LCRW, that journal, that zine, is in progress: we have a cover and it can be ordered (although there is no page for the zine yet). The final contents will not be known until WisCon or so. We are far behind in our LCRW reading, sorry writers. 3 months reply? Nope. Not any more. Not for a while.

* Updated to say: stupid WordPress. Putting an apostrophe before 08 (as: ’08) gives the wrong apostrophe. A quick look at a fave reference (Thanks Webmonkey!) gives the correct character (’) for it. Pah. We defeats the internet.


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  1. John Klima on May 14th, 2007 2:21 pm

    Behind on reading? I feel your pain brother. Let’s commiserate at this Wiscon thing you speak of.

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