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Table of Contents

1. Oh, Happy Day: Awards News
2. Exquisite Memoir: And Now We Are Going to Have a Party by Nicola Griffith
3. More New Releases: A t-shirt and two prints
3. Meet Us: P&S at Wiscon 31
4. Last Copies: Mecca|Mettle by Thomas M. Disch and BlöödHag; “Postcards of Doom” by 30 illustrators
5. Upcoming Projects: Matthew Hughes and Thomas M. Disch


Yes, that Table of Contents is actually from the Payseur & Schmidt newsletter, which you can subscribe to here and is full of interesting books that you should snap up because they are 1) beautiful 2) wow 3) unique 4) not usually reprinted 5) must be encouraged so that they keep this crazy stuff up long enough for us to finish our Epic poem on the Post Industrial Age titled Wooden Wheel Types, A Spoken History.

This week is a biggie for Small Beer, too. It’s Alan DeNiro week at the Lit Blog Coop, Monday was the publication day for Endless Things, yellow tulips came up then were eaten by bunnies in the backyard, and Generation Loss received a stunner of a review in the Washington Post (and a starred review in Booklist: buy, librarians, buy!). And we are trying to remember the recipe for LCRW. More on this stuff (and more) below. More. Losing the meaning now. More.

Hot! We are planting fruit trees. How about you?

Another TOC

Liz Hand
John Crowley
Laurie J. Marks
Kelly Link


Generation Loss is the first book we’ve published by Elizabeth Hand. Yay! It is dark, unremitting, looks at art and says What the Hell? and pops a few pills on the way. Is Maine weird? Sometimes.

Liz is about to go out on tour. Hear her here. Read.
Interview on Bookslut.
Washington Post
Largehearted Boy

Tonight: Thursday May 10 7 PM
Olsson’s, 7th Street NW, Washington DC 20004, 202.638.7610

Thursday May 17 7 PM
Artifacts, 28 North Maple Street, Florence, MA 01062, 413-320-9480
—reading with John Crowley, Paul Park,& others, & music from Flora Reed & Philip Price (of the Winterpills).

Friday May 18 Time TBA
Hiram Halle Memorial Library, 271 Westchester Avenue, Pound Ridge, NY 10576, (914) 764-5085

Saturday May 19 2 PM
Borders, 162 E Main St., Mt Kisco, NY 10549, (914) 241-8387

Wednesday May 23 7 PM
Harvard Book Store, 1256 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138, (800) 542-READ

Megan Sullivan of Harvard Book Store recommends Generation Loss in the Boston Globe:
“This smart, dark, literary thriller will keep you up at night. A photographer who has been drinking, doing drugs, and alienating everyone around her since the ’70s goes to Maine to interview a legendary photographer and gets caught up in the case of a missing girl.”

Sunday May 27 7 PM
Sherman’s Books, 8 Bay View Street, Camden, ME 04843, 1-207-236-2223

BookExpo America
Jacob Javits Center, New York City
Signing: Sat. June 2, 12-12.30 PM
Reading: Sun. June 3 10.30 AM (Foreword Second Stage)

June 23+24
Maine Festival of the Book, Portland, ME (Reading and panel participant)


John Crowley’s 4-part novel Aegypt is completed in Endless Things, a beautiful book that manages to end many strands of story without being elegiac or closing down the narratives — a feat few authors could handle and few readers of the series might have believed. It is a deep, sometimes hilarious, and hopeful novel that readers will be able to dig into and enjoy for long stretches of the summer.

The cover is an irresistibly attractive photograph by Rosamond Purcell from Bookworms.

John reads (with Sarah Langan) at KGB Bar in New York City on May 16 and on the 17th at Artifacts in Florence (Northampton), MA.

The first three books in the Aegpyt series are being reprinted in trade paperback by the Overlook Press beginning in autumn.

Reviews of Endless Things:
Book Forum
Green Man Review


Want to see some neat art coming out of the Vermont Center for Cartoon Studies? Here’s a neat site from Colleen Frakes and Jon-Mikel Gates: Cowboy Orange.
We went up for a visit (in a snow storm, hard to believe now) and were blown away by the concentration of good art and artists. We’ll post more links as time goes by.


Alan DeNiro’s collection Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead is the Spring Read This! Pick (thanks, Pinky!) this week at the Lit Blog Coop.

If you loved the book or hated it, go tell them, link to it, post about it and then post about your post and call your local radio and tell them. These Lit Bloggers are the book reviewers of today and tomorrow and they are looking to talk to the whole interewebs — and get the internet talking. Their combined voices (and individually on their blogs) are an interesting strand in the cross-all-genres conversation of the moment.

One part of our contribution is an interview with Alan recorded while he was in town for the UMass Amherst Juniper Festival (he’s a good reader and a great panelist, please consider adding him to you festival!). We waited until Alan was hungry, tired, and looked like a greyhound, then got out the difficult questions. (Alan’s signature drink it…?)


LCRW links

The new one is in the pot and getting ready to boil. Or something. The latest store to add LCRW to its backroom stores:

Magers and Quinn Booksellers
3038 Hennepin Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Which is a great and groovy store.

The Best of LCRW is on track for a September release from Del Rey. Wacky, no? It should be called The Best of LCRW (So Far), but that didn’t fit on the jacket. So please write that on the cover (or title page) when you get your copy.
It is an excellent book, or at least the parts not written by us are brilliant. Will the world be shaken when it comes out? It will shake with joy at Dan Chaon’s introduction. Then it will be assigned to classes and become part of the Harold Bloom-approved Western Canon. Then kids will start writing haiku as protest and we will be first up against the wall when the revolution comes. We will escape on our jetpacks. We don’t know what future you’re living in, but in ours: we have jetpacks.


Huge local event!

A Speculatively Spectacular Evening with:

Elizabeth Hand (Generation Loss)
John Crowley (Endless Things)
Paul Park (The White Tyger)
Flora Reed & Philip Price (of the Winterpills)
& a selection of interstitial material (i.e. in the breaks) from Michael DeLuca, Jedediah Berry, Diana Gordon, &c.

Celebrate spring with Small Beer Press’s Speculatively Spectacular evening of art, readings, music, and perhaps a little more. Beginning at 7 p.m. on May 17, the event will be held at Artifacts, a new gallery at 28 North Maple Street in Florence, MA. Artifacts is housed in a converted warehouse, where guests will be able to meet the authors, listen, dance if they are so inclined, and mingle as three bestselling authors showcase their latest offerings.
John Crowley, Elizabeth Hand, and Paul Park will headline the event. Crowley, who lives in Conway and teaches at Yale, and Hand, who lives on the Maine coast, will be reading from their recently published novels. Park, who teaches at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, will read from his latest novel, The White Tyger.
A variety of other local authors will read their work, including a number of contributors to Small Beer Press’s tiny lit zine, LCRW.
The evening will be topped off by Flora Reed and Philip Price (of the critically-acclaimed Winterpills), who will provide musical entertainment.
Guests will be expected to peruse the art, be polite to the authors, provide good conversation, and, on leaving, remember where they parked their jetpacks.


When: Thursday, May 17, 7 PM

Where: Artifacts
28 North Maple Street
Florence, MA 01062

Art: Appropriately for Maine author Elizabeth Hand’s post-punk lit thriller Generation Loss, Artifacts will hold over the photographs from Susie J. Horgan’s Punk Love.

Music: Flora Reed & Philip Price (of the critically-acclaimed Winterpills).

Refreshments: Will be provided. As will seats, walls, windows, and doors.

Tickets: This is not a ticketed event and entrance is free.

Books: The authors’ books will be available on the night at a table manned by stalwart booksellers from Amherst Books.



Ther first Interstitial Arts Foundation anthology, Interfictions, is out online and in the real world. 19 new stories at a buck a piece plus a freebie—you read it and tell us here which story is the the bonus one! The authors include newer writers as well as a few who are more well known. Adding to the depth of the book are three translations — one each from Spanish, French, and Hungarian — which goes a tiny way to filling the translation gap.

The authors involved are: Anna Tambour, Catherynne M. Valente, Christopher Barzak, Colin Greenland, Csilla Kleinheincz, Holly Phillips, Jon Singer, Joy Marchand, K. Tempest Bradford, Lea Silhol, Leslie What, Matthew Cheney, Michael J. DeLuca, Mikal Trimm, Rachel Pollack, Vandana Singh, and Veronica Schanoes.

We recently did a giveaway for copies of Interfictions. Copies went to the following readers who will paint or sing their reviews on subways near you:

Hannah Wolf Bowen
Bob Scheffel
Hyowon Kim
Nin Harris
Steph Burgis

Look out for (or instigate) interstitial events in the summer months.


It’s Mother’s Day in the USA on May 13th. Isn’t that nice? Aren’t you going to send her chocolates? Or books? Especially as the US postal rates rise the next day. Seems like a great opportunity. Here’s one idea:

The mother of all Mother’s Day gifts–Mothers & Other Monsters.
Anyone can send Mother’s Day flowers. Mother has always said you aren’t just anyone.
A book for everyone who has ever had a mother.
Celebrate the little monster in every mom.
Mother’s Day flowers wither and candy melts. But with proper storage, Mothers & Other Monsters will last forever.


Laurie J. Mark’s third Elemental Logic novel, Water Logic, is the first novel we’ve published in a fantasy series. So, they must be good, right? Yes. They’re right up your street. They’re smart, sexy, and political. These books use some of the familiar tropes of pastoral fantasies, but they don’t rely on them. It’s not a standard military fantasy series, it’s subversive and electric. Good things happen. Bad things happen, too. The costs of magic are high.
If you haven’t been reading and want to dive in, start with Fire Logic then Earth Logic. Water Logic, coming in June, is a knockout.

Laurie J. Marks is a Guest of Honor (with Kelly) at WisCon 31. We will have a launch party with special Things to go to those who buy the book — pre-orders will receive the one that is easier to mail. (More on these secret things later.)

Laurie has recorded a podcast (ahem) of the first chapter: Part 1, 2 — or read it here.

Laurie is reading in Albany, June 16, 2007, at Flights of Fantasy Bookstore, 488 Albany-Shaker Rd, Loudonville, NY 1221.

If you work at a bookshop and are interested in a reading copy of this, send us an email!


Are you playing this game?


Secret giveaway for the readers who go this far. How about you tell us which book you want? We will say no and come back to you with an offer of a Peapod Threesome for a review of at least one? A couple of these sets (tied up in a pretty ribbon) are available. Love to hear from you sweetie.


Live in Australia? Or somewhere else? Or, nowhere, you ghost, you? How about this:

Independent Publishers – The Brave New World
Join Gavin Grant (Publisher of the US-based Small Beer Press) at 12 noon AEST on Tuesday 15 May to discuss the dynamics of US, international, and independent publishing.


Ah, respite.


Link links

Missed Kelly on her tour last September? Catch up with her now-not-so-super secret [email protected] visit with Karen Joy Fowler.

This week Nancy Pearl included Magic for Beginners in one of her NPR lists (online, not on the radio): Under the Radar: Books Not to Miss, saying, “It’s intricate, wildly imaginative and totally wonderful.”

Kelly sold a young adult collection to Sharyn November at Viking. It will contain many of the stories she has been publishing in young adult anthologies as well as one new story and, since this is her first young adult collection, a couple of stories from her other books. (This last because her previous collections contain stories like Catskin which make it hard for some adults to give to young adults.) Should come out next year and will be followed by a tour (with support from the reformed Guns’n’Roses (shhh, it’s a secret) and the usual Today Show for Kids, Young Letterman!, and other age-appropriate media.

Kelly is a Guest of Honor (with Laurie J. Marks) at WisCon 31. (Hope to see you there!)

Kelly will also be at BookExpo America, Readercon, Worldcon in Japan, a Best of LCRW reading at KGB, World Fantasy in Saratogo Springs in November. Und so weiter.

This is the best way to keep up.


We alphabetized our Shopping page which might make it easier to use. Do tell if and when you are unhappy with our website.




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