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Scotland moves one more step toward self-Balkanization. Can’t wait until the Free Port of Clydeside is finally independent. No idea whether independence is a good idea or not, but neither does the country and is moving toward it in tiny careful steps—not giving anyone the obvious lead yet.
Being that they used electronic ballots there are of course questions and the Labour Party (counting down until Thursday when Blair skips town) are ready to:

Labour to challenge poll result

THE Labour party is planning to snatch electoral victory from the Nationalists by preparing a legal challenge over a Holyrood seat which the SNP won by a handful of votes.

Someone get these guys jobs before they kill themselves. (Thanks Greg.)

Good news for John Crowley readers: the first three books of Aegypt are being reprinted by the Overlook Press. Aegypt, now titled The Solitudes has appeared (sans cover) on the interweeb.

Jeff VanderMeer interviewed Liz Hand on the Amazon blog.

In what seems a particularly genius bit of book assigning, Graham Joyce reviews Generation Loss in the Washington Post Book World.


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