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Can’t remember where the link came from (big place, bboing? Bookslut?, but A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge is a great comic. Anything New Orleans from Katrina (and the ongoing huge government failure) is car-crash addictive reading. This comic has many angles and is worth following. Nice web set up, too, for easy reading.

Gasoline prices are back up near $3. Wonder if truck sales will plummet again? Where’s the damn hybrid van? Haven’t explored it yet but World Without Oil looks interesting.

(Yes, someone sent something that continues to crash the email, therefore: blogging. Dum de dum.)

Jeff VanderMeer explains that Liz Hand is actually a saint. This may have come as a surprise to Liz, but not to the citizens (subjects? artifices?) of Smagardine.

Smagardine history has some parallels to that of Hav and readers of one country’s news might be interested in Jan Morris’s update (from last year) of her notes from that country simply titled Hav. Morris’s novel (which has a beautiful image on the cover) is quite simply wonderful. It has a slow-building complexity that draws the reader in and insists on the truths underlying the fictions. There are characters we recognize from our own travels (and our own towns), relationships touched on (like nerves), and always there is a growing tension that the writer can never quite get a hold of.

Alt TextThe second part of the novel (the new section), “Hav of the Myrmidons,” is a fantastic addition that changes everything we were told. Where Hav before was part of the past, the Great Game, Le Carre and Greene novels, Patrick Leigh Fermor’s autobiography, Hav has now moved into the present. It is clean, simple, unknowable. What is obvious is the money and the beliefs behind it of the unnamed—but known—financiers. Morris tracks down some of her acquaintances and sources from her previous visit and some of them are happier than others. Post-revolution (here: the Intervention), we would be the same.

And: The Buffalo News bookclub, perhaps getting ready for the upcoming movie, is reading The Jane Austen Book Club:

As always, the books selected by The News can be found at branches of the public library. Talking Leaves, Barnes & Noble and the Book Corner in Niagara Falls offer special displays and discounts. Free bookmarks that match each month’s selection are offered in stores and at library branches.
Also, we want to hear your thoughts — on Fowler’s book, yes, but also on Jane Austen, and on ideas for future Book Club choices. Send an e-mail to [email protected], or write to Buffalo News Book Club, P.O. Box 100, Buffalo, NY 14203.

Found this (posted during the Interfictions giveaway) quite striking—thanks Yileen.


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