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A week or two ago we asked our punk queen Liz Hand how’s the weather in Maine? She sent pix. Looks peaceful. Maybe some snow on the ground:

Then she spooked us with her I.C.U. hand (I see you—see novel for full spookiness of this pic) and the lobster about to give her the head-bitey:

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So, uh, maybe we’ll delay that trip to Maine.

Yes, Liz lives up there and we could visit and those among us who are tempted could take revenge upon the head-biting lobsters. Sure, Clute is there, too, and we could talk about The Darkening Garden — eek, more horror!

Not going! Not even to Liz’s reading at Gulf of Maine Books in Brunswick on what’s supposed to be a nice (“nice”, ha!) Saturday afternoon in May (der 5th). So we’ll bring her down here to Northampton instead. A grand plan!

The group mind is made up. We do not have to go to Maine!

Hmm. At least until summer, when another trip to Stone Coast is on the calendar. Eek!


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