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International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day?

Arr, we lives this way, we does.

Generation Loss
Elizabeth Hand

There‚Äôs always a moment where everything changes. A great photographer — someone like Diane Arbus, or me during that fraction of a second when I was great — she sees that moment coming, and presses the shutter release an instant before the change hits.

Kate Wilhelm

  1. Can Writing Be Taught?
  2. Trivia Vs. Writing Real Stories now available at the Online Writing Workshop.
  3. My Silent Partner at SF Site.

Family Reunion: an 8-page mini-comic by Sean Stewart and Steve Lieberbased on Perfect Circle.

Travel Light
Naomi Mitchison

It is said that when the new Queen saw the old Queen’s baby daughter, she told the King that the brat must be got rid of at once. And the King, who by now had almost forgotten the old Queen and had scarcely looked at the baby, agreed and thought no more about it. And that would have been the end of that baby girl, but that her nurse, Matulli, came to hear of it. Now this nurse was from Finmark, and, like many another from thereabouts, was apt to take on the shape of an animal from time to time. So she turned herself into a black bear then and there and picked up the baby in her mouth, blanket and all, and growled her way out of the Bower at the back of the King’s hall, and padded out through the light spring snow that had melted already near the hall, and through the birch woods and the pine woods into the deep dark woods where the rest of the bears were waking up from their winter sleep.

The Faery Handbag
Kelly Link
“I used to go to thrift stores with my friends. We’d take the train into Boston, and go to The Garment District, which is this huge vintage clothing warehouse. Everything is arranged by color, and somehow that makes all of the clothes beautiful.”

Carmen Dog
Carol Emshwiller
“The beast changes to a woman or the woman changes to a beast,” the doctor says. “In her case it is certainly the latter since she has been, on the whole, quite passable as a human being up to the present moment. There may be hundreds of these creatures already among us. No way to tell for sure how many.”

Sally Harpe
Christopher Rowe
They tell this one in those tobacco towns along the Green River.

The End of a Dynasty
Angelica Gorodischer
Translated by Ursula K. Le Guin
The storyteller said: He was a sorrowful prince, young Livna’lams, seven years old and full of sorrow.

From Trampoline:

Mark Rich
Release came not as I expected — burdened with fines, restrictions, armed guard, and list of warnings longer than my conscience.

Other Agents
Richard Butner
“1985 sure is dark,” Nick said, and another 100 watt bulb popped gently in his hands. “It’s a good thing we have these protective gauntlets.” Nick waggled his hands and scattered shards of glass on the bedspread.

Ray Vukcevich:And then she fired her parting shot. “And not only that,” she said, as if “that” hadn’t been quite enough, “you snore horribly!”Perpetual Motion
Dora Knez
Malfi arrived in the middle toilet stall of the men’s room. The Saurians had chosen it as the best way of concealing him initially, though it was not ideal.

Because we want to. Because giving stuff away doesn’t take anything away from us. Because often we have been too poor to buy books so we read from the library, or used copies. We still do. Because we can. Why the hell not? (Rants not accepted as reasons.)


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    LCRW has put up a delicious bouquet of pixie dust technopleasant wench stuff.

    Thank you!

    Love, C.

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    […] kids (a.k.a. Gavin and/or Kelly) over at the LCRW/Small Beer collective have posted a veritable cornucopia of wonderful free stuff, notably including Kelly’s The Faery Handbag, and Richard Butner’s Other […]

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