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John Scalzi (whose cup runneth over with SFWA madness) posted Marillion’s “Kayleigh” for a friend’s birthday. Which is a beautiful song and explains the popularity of the name Kayleigh in the 20-22 year old female demographic. Scalzi takes issue with Fish’s hair—with good reason. It is indefensible. But from what I remember, Edinburgh in the 1980s had no hairstylists: they’d all moved to Glasgow following the success of Simple Minds.

So here’s a response, another Marillion video, “Garden Party”. The video has a strange and lovely narrative: Fish and the boys are Just William-esque schoolboy agents of chaos running around the edges of a garden party and tiptoeing into Lord of the Flies or The Wicker Man territory:


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  1. Chris McLaren on April 19th, 2007 5:41 pm

    “All the best freaks are here”

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