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Tomorrow, having just gotten back from a week away (hello St. Louis! [who knew they had so much green space?] {more on that later}), we are headed to the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont, where Kelly will do a couple of class visits and so on. Comics! Cartoons! Maybe more art for LCRW!*

All of this, of course, dependent, as usual, on the dependent clause. Said clause this time being the weather, particularly a winter storm which, realizing it had missed winter, is trying to catch up and is promising us a couple of inches of snow while we drive and ice pellets up in Vermont. Long Johns, Ahoy! Ahem? Ahoy!

That is all.

* We are always hoping for more art then the great fiction takes up all the space. We can’t manage it. Need to take some lessons from Sybil’s Garage, Flytrap, Electric Velocipede and others who balance it so well.


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