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Notes from the road: we handed in the finished draft of our Year’s Best introduction. It’s huge! And we are setting off fireworks and shutting down the government tomorrow in celebration. More on that later.

  • The Albany train station has wireless, yay! Amtrak is fun — very relaxed attitude to arrival times. The St. Louis train station has been replaced by a shed. Hmm.
  • Subterranean Books in St. Louis is Awesome. Tomorrow we have to go back as they have a new exhibit, something about robot vacations.
  • Richard Butner on the renfairs.
  • The Perpetual Motion Roadshow is kaput! It was an absolute blast to go on (hi Geoffrey! hi Liisa!) and an incredible thing to be part of. Jim Munroe, who started it (and let it go, man has style!) talks lessons learned.


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  1. geoffrey on April 6th, 2007 10:24 am

    And hello back!

    PMR forever!

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