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Fury: Manson holds a skinned fox in the ad aimed...

Shirley Manson says: “Here’s the rest of your fur coat”:That’s the rest of a fox. Manson’s pic is for PETA and one of the best parts of this piece in The Scotsman is a quote from Frank Zilberkweit, a director of the British Fur Trade Association and owner of a London furrier:

“Peta is employing a cheap stunt by using a fox carcass. It’s a cowardly and shameful attempt to try to condemn a real industry that provides employment while regulating standards in animal welfare.”

Um, yes. In the same way perhaps that euthanasia regulates standards for the elderly?

Oh come now, that’s a bit much.

Yes, but how dumb is that statement? Could someone (Mr. Zilberkweit, perhaps…?) explain exactly how it’s “cowardly” to show a fox carcass? Aren’t fox, chinchilla, mink, dog, etc. carcasses a part of your “real” industry (as opposed to say, car manufacturing, an “unreal” industry)?

If that poster is a bit much, you can order a print quality version of this one instead and print it in glorious full color in your zine. Ladies and gentlemen: Famke Janssen!


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