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While writing the Year’s Best summation (big voice: “The Year in Fantasy!” Chorus, drums, piles of books, a little research, another cup of tea, please nurse) I typed that William Nicholson’s Seeker was the first in his Nobel Warriors series.

He is the Seeker. He has hunted down medals in Medicine (that bark had a pretty good bite), Physics (how much force does a mace carry?), Chemistry (who is that surprisingly pretty boy from nowhere?), Economics (how much bread and ale does a gold piece buy?), Literature (that old library kept him warm all winter), and now, in his greatest adventure, he has to fight for the last, greatest Prize: for Peace.


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  1. Ellen Kushner on April 13th, 2007 10:00 am


    I hope he succeeds in his quest – fantasy writers across the country have been dying for a long time to know how much bread and ale a gold piece buys.

    I assume it was his uncle, the other Nobel Warrior, who figured out that moldy bread prevents infection, and that drinking tea with someone you like a lot prevents pregnancy?

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