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This week is featuring a hilarious piece from Rob Bloom: “A Zagat Writer Reviews Everyday Life.”Save Short Fiction Online has an offer for online zines: they will host your site for free if your mag:


  1. publishes short fiction online that is available to the public and

  3. pays its contributors.

Terri Windling and Midori Snyder, among others, are keeping it fasinating over at the Endicott blog. They recently covered the IAF blog and Interfictions (review copies are mailing now) anthology and (great title:) Monkeys and Revelations.It’s been four years since the US invaded Iraq under false pretences. Has the monkey boy President noticed there are no WMDs, there is was no Al Queda link? Does he care? No. Are thousands of people dead? Yes. Is he to blame? Yes.If SFWA is your thing the idealistic young whippersnapper John Scalzi, Esq., is chatting up future here.Gwenda and Christopher, worried that small cute dogs are not properly represented in the blogarium adopt another.Made it to the last showing of the Ateh Theater Group’s adaptation of The Girl Detective in NYC and it was great fun. There were three big dance numbers (memo to writers: make sure you include a chorus of dancing girls in all stories) and the cast, given a play which involves a lot of talking directly to the audience, seemed to be enjoying themselves. The audience seemed to like it, too—did wonder what it would be like to see the play without knowing the story. More news on another adaptation of the story to come at some point in spring (no, not a movie or TV thing).


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  1. Dan on March 20th, 2007 6:28 am

    Thanks for posting the Rob Bloom link to Monkey Bicycle. The Zagat writer thing was really funny.

  2. Alex McReynolds on March 26th, 2007 6:43 am

    the Zagat “commentary of satire” was “funny” and “riveting.” People say “kudos” to “Rob Bloom” for the “comedy” and the “great” LCRW for posting.

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