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Showing that they certainly know how to do things right over there in the UK, when we arrived back at Small Beer HQ (after 400 hours or so of travel from Sydney (why did we leave??)) there on the table was a bright* and beautiful bunch of flowers from Kelly’s UK publisher HarperPerennial to celebrate the UK publication of Magic for Beginners. Yay!
One of our fave writers, Jon Courtenay Grimwood reviewed it for SFX, and described it thusly: “A frighteningly original collection of stories from a frighteningly original voice.”

Will Kelly be hopping a Virgin 747 to London, Manchester, Birmingham? Only time will tell. Calling Richard Branson?

(It really depends on the inflight movies: managed to skip Man of the Year on 3 flights … however, Mistress of Spices (“Spices…”) may, er, be worth a laugh look.)

Updates on some of Kelly’s stories &c. (sorry if any of these are repeats, trying to catch up):

* Bright is important as it’s Dark here in Massachusetts.


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    1. Ellen Kushner on February 19th, 2007 8:04 am

      “Mistress of Spices” sucks as a movie? Sorry to hear it – I loved the book. Actually saw it was a movie now in our in-flight magazine on Delta yesterday – but it was not on offer. “Marie Antoinette” instead. Kind of. Screen in main cabin refused to show anything for 8 hr flight (have I mentioned JFK and all connected with it are a third world country? at Logan we got our own individual screens, and I could watch the teeny plane move across the great big ocean to heart’s content) – but if I squinted between the seats I could see the little people up there dancing at Versailles on the front cabin screens.

      Sorry your bookshelf fell down. Very, very sorry.

      Nice flowers, though!

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