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Lovely loverly blogosphere look at the the fun thing you have popped up for us: an expose of a chocolatier! Ha. Everybody is pointing to this story and it is worth reading. Poor No-Ka, soon No-business.


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  1. Christopher on December 31st, 2006 12:37 pm

    Man, that guy is a good writer. I would never have guessed that I would rip right through a ten part expose on the deceptive business practices of a high end Texas chocolate shop, but whoever wrote that knows how to make it into a _story_. Exotic locales! Ancient history! 19th century Parisian craftsmen! Child slavery! A mountain top revelation that’s not what it seems! It’s practically a book proposal.

    I’m having to force myself to not sniff out all the resulting blogstorm/commentswarm. There was some PR guy going around posting defenses of the company–though he claims that at the time he posted the defenses he wasn’t yet working for them, raising the possibilities that (a) he’s lying (most obvious) or (b) he did it as a way of landing them as a client (most bizarre and fascinating). See, this thing even has subplots!

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