Lone Star Stories

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LCRW 19In our great quest to become the number one consumers of chocolate bon-bons while lying on the couch reading comics and drinking champagne we have taken to selling off the pages of LCRW at exorbitant rates to anyone whose cheque book is big enough to take the hit.

Because we are such indolent proles, sometimes this doesn’t go as well as we’d like.* For instance, for LCRW 19 among the other lovelies spreading good word about Fictionary Devices and so on, there was the following ad for an online zine we have enjoyed more with each issue, Lone Star Stories. Those with Great eyesight may be able to see on the inside back cover where the ad should have gone. Were that PDF sent to the printer. It wasn’t. Eek! Sorry, Eric! Should be in the next one, but in the meantime, here it is:


* What we’d like is the bon-bon truck to come to the door once a day and someone cheery to refill the bon-bon tray and perhaps refill the record player with a new set of 78s. How we struggle with how to make this come to pass?!


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