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Thanks to Gwenda (and Meghan) for the reminder to post something about this.

Next November or so, in a stunning experiment in bindery, Del Rey editor Jim Minz will personally hand-sew* a collection (or, properly, an anthology) of stories (and so on and so forth) from Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet. This anthology will not, however, be graced with any of the following titles:

  • God of Mars, Cadbury, Nestle, and Even Some Grown Up Chocolate Brand Maker Thingies
  • The New Yorker: Best Stories, 1996 – 2006
  • Wall, What Waaaaa? and Other Marathon Questions
  • Sliding into Home and a Sportsbag Full of Other Obliquely Misused Sports Metaphors
  • Ringtones of Glory: Poetry and Prose for Your Mobile! Kidz! Cool! Daddio? Myspace? A Little Help Reaching the HipsterKids Here? Bebo?
  • Minxes!
  • Celebrity Zine with the Stars!
  • Whistling in the Corner: 10 Years of Happy Penguin Stories
  • Weirdness Quotient: Bagel — 10 Years of Poisoned Mushroom Tales
  • A Little Bit Off the Left, Please: Twenty Years (Minus 10) of Damn, That’s Wacky Good Stuff
  • You Tube Used to be An Insult and Other Pithy Tales from PreHistory
  • Not Bad
  • Scene: Lady Zine Been Seen with Lean Queen and Mean Dean (Better Writing Inside)
  • Vidblogging the Wikipod: 10 Years of Rebelde, LCRW, and Metacafe
  • Actually Comes with Chocolate and Other Wonders from the Pages of LCRW, Perhaps the Only Zine Named After Jennie Jerome, Mother of Winston Churchill (and Editor of a Short-Lived Journal (The Anglo-Saxon Review) Which Was Beautiful and We Would Love a Full Set, Please)

Actual publicity notice picked up from Meghan from Publishers Marketplace:

Gavin Grant and Kelly Link’s UNDER THE RADAR: The Best of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, an anthology of the best fiction, nonfiction. and poetry that has appeared in the ‘zine, with an introduction by Dan Chaon and contributions from Karen Joy Fowler, Karen Russell, Jeffrey Ford, James Sallis, and Nalo Hopkinson, to Jim Minz at Del Rey, by Renee Zuckerbrot at Renee Zuckerbrot Literary Agency (NA).

Ta da!

*The contract lets Minz outsource a limited percentage of sewing to assistant editors (as long as he plies them with martinis) and should the book sell out** he will have the option to use a stapler on future printings.

** Isn’t any book a sell out? Discuss. Endlessly. Meanwhile, put some old people up against the wall. Use them to climb said wall. Take possession of the “palace”. Put the kettle on. Make a zine. Wonder what that disturbance in the garden. Wander outside with your now-somewhat-crumbly mates. Get put up against the wall. Offer them the “palace”in return for your life. Sigh as they explain (endlessly) that they’ll never sell out.
Could have been worse. You could have been born a Bush.


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