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Crowley, Endless ThingsJohn Crowley let us know that our May publication date may be in jeopardy:

I’ve written a couple of extra chapters for Endless Things that will need extensive editing. I also am thinking of dropping every other page, so a certain amount of stitchery joining the remainig pages will be required. I do feel these changes will help the book. They will only take an additional couple of months.

Also, we are working on methods of invisibly numbering the copies as Crowley requested.

One reader has already noticed that this book concerns “Pierce Moffitt” rather than “Pierce Moffett.” This change of chief protagonist, this alternate take on reality, this deepening of coincedence and the magical similarities in the life of Moffitt to Moffett’s (as recounted in three prior volumes) proves Crowley’s mastery of the form and future of the novel and will be a welcome surprise to the longtime readers who are rushing to pre-order this title.

Or: 1) Not really. 2) Invisible numbering? Sure. 3) Oops! That gaff has been fixed.


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