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Just posted a new newsletter. Which contains secrets. It starts like this:

First: Happy St. Andrew’s Day! Get your kilt on, your flask filled, find a partner, and get out on the dancefloor. Scots Wha Hae an’ a’ that an’ a’  that.

Not sure about the dancing? How about raising a glass to Colin Beattie. Who? Alisdair Gray has a blog where he occasionally posts letters and so on. He just posted a wonderful history of the Oran Mor pub (which is a place of beauty due in no small part to Gray’s paintings) which Beattie bought in 2002.

Not such a good thing going on a wee bit south of Scotland. Anyone passionate about theatre and theatre history, please take a minute to add your name to the growing petition to challenge the closing of the Theatre Museum in Covent Garden.

VQR has a bandwagon. The fall issue: whew.

Mistype of the day: Skinny Dipping in the Kale of the Dead.


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