Happy Halloween

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Yes: we are going to Texas for the WFC. (To sing Joe Hill songs!) Kelly is not, apparently reading there, but we’ve got a nice reading on Sunday at 5 PM at Book People with Kelly, Howard Waldrop, and Ellen Kushner. Phew, that’s talent. Everyone else is reading here.
There’s a bookshop t-shirt tour pic here for Book People somewhere.

If this is your month to write a novel (and this is said with love): break a leg!

We’re in the American Southwest and the camera cannot be attached to the computer due to cord-at-home-itis. Duh. Must take pix anyway. Mactop can take pix with its scary little eye watching all the time. See what we’re doing now? Huh? Hello Big Brother. [Hello, said Steve J. What’s Up?]

We are in the American Southwest (as above) and the food is mostly pretty good! But it means all those submissions are just piling up back at the office. Eyargh.

LCRW? Sometime soon!

Let’s see: war in Iraq. A cockup. Rich getting richer, poor getting poorer. % of companies offering health insurance has dropped from 69% in 2000 to 60% now. (Whose term does that coincide with?). Yep: now is the time for gasoline prices to fall and to raise the fear terrorist threat level to Vote!


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