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Carthage, Missouri, is the home of Janet K. Kavandi, Astronaut, and has a plaque celebrating her on the city limits. Our tiny car racks up the miles, but doesn’t approach her over 13.1 million (from 33 days in space and 535 Earth orbits).

Back in Zinelandia you can read the whole of the new ish of Xerography Debt as a PDF here.

Good days in the reading world:

Dave, Dave, Dave! Yay!

Rain Taxi Book Fest in the Twin Cities: nice! Best desserts: a tie between the churros at Masa and the dark chocolate thingy at Auriga. Or the Tetleys at Brits pub — an English pub with a bowling green on the roof. Wacky.

Next. Paperback of Magic for Beginners went back to press. Kelly is at the Conference of the Undead(!) in Berkeley then on Saturday at the the Nimrod Fest in Tulsa. Soon after, Austin. In between: Katamari Damacy. You would not guess who is to blame for this.
Strange Horizons review of The Privilege of the Sword:

The Privilege of the Sword, for all its serious underpinnings, is a delight to read, with colorful, well-defined characters and a droll sense of humor.

And a review of Maureen’s collection on Pedestal Mag:

The thirteen stories in Mothers & Other Monsters are solidly written, superbly characterized, and ultimately unforgettable.

LCRW is at the printer. 10 years old, aw. Ful (sic) of typos. Ha ha. Ew.

Raking leaves is practice for shovelling snow. Discuss.


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