John Klima, where are you?

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Catching up on his zine, anthology, chapbook, kid, life, tickets, hotel, library, shoe-making, and whatever else he is cobbling together. Ack! How does he do it. Please, organize our lives.

In the spirit of the mighty Klima, here’s the Table of Contents for the next LCRW. Due to weirdness in our UniVac Central Computational System, the website will probably not be updated with this info for a while. Darnit!

So, LCRW 19 (now with more ads!) which has the Usual Mix (TM) of new and known authors that we find so dear to our hearts. And has an awesome, fragile, thumpity-thump cover. (That will make sense when you see it.) And this will be its composition. (Not including the chocolate.) Should have it in Texas but mailing date is still unsure:


Ray Vukcevich, Tubs
Daniel A. Rabuzzi, Grebe’s Gift
Dennis Nau, Dropkick
Nancy Jane Moore, Phone Call Overheard on the Subway
Cara Spindler & David Erik Nelson, You Were Neither . . .
Kara Kellar Bell, The Bride
Andrew Fort, Lady Perdita Espadrille Tells the Story
Anna Tambour, The Slime: A Love Story
Carol Emshwiller, Such a Woman, Or, Sixties Rant


Dear Aunt Gwenda


K.E. Duffin, Two Poems
Laura L. Washburn, The Troll in the Cellar
Katharine Beutner, Things That Make One’s Heart Beat Faster
D.M. Gordon, Sliding

Cover art: Eric Schaller


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