Bye, Mark. Bye Dennis? Bye bye George.

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Mark Foley may bring down the government. (Perhaps it’s time to start drinking, not stop?) After the torture “debate”, hackable voting machines, pushing a war (or two, hello Afghanistan, increased opium production and all) based on false (where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction?) premises, an energy policy crafted by oil insiders, and so (endlessly) on for the last six years, the present administration is going down over this? Sure, why not.

Didn’t they learn from last time they were in power? It’s the Cover Up, stupid.

Mark Foley is a poor fuck-up who we now hear was an abused kid, is gay, and a drunk—still waiting to hear his next excuse; believe it has something to do with being paid to send those IMs by the Democratic National Committee. He was the Co-chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children by day and, by day, exploiting children. The question rattling through Washington is who knew what he was doing and when?

Who thought it was a good idea to shuffle reports of his behavior into the “to do later” pile? Fire them all! This isn’t anti-Republican. It’s not a campaign orchestrated by anyone: if anything it’s a consensual cover-up being exposed. The IMs are coming from ex-Pages (who don’t want their own careers ruined), not from anyone else in DC.
There’s no organization, company, or group in the world who wouldn’t be calling for the heads of anyone involved in not acting on this information.


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