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Friday afternoon and the tree limbs are scraping against the window. How did they get here, to the 54th floor? We send one of the temp typographers over to open the window and he is never seen again. Did he run out to get more ink, or did the trees take him? The light is yellow, burning, and our secret HQ’s engines aren’t responding. We have done our Scotty imitation but so far we are stuck. And the tree branches are scraping, scraping.

Kelly Link and Shelley Jackson read tonight at Amherst Books in Amherst, MA, and next Sunday at KGB Bar in NYC. They read last night at Newtonville Books with Kelley Kerney (who read from her funny and dark first novel Born Again). Newtonville has a great reading series: Books and Brews. Smart peeps who know readings always go better with drinkies. Newtonville Books is also the spiritual home of a smart mag, Post Road, of which we are often enjoying.
LCRW 19 is becoming an item. The fun thing about this: it is the ten year anniversary issue. You will know because everything will be repeated 10 times. Times. Times. (Etc.) Table of contents, type of chocolate, still to be fully determined. Yes, we are pushing it. No, reviewers can’t get it yet. No one can.

Exciting LCRW news will be released to the tubes at some point. Until then go phone the White House and see if Mr. Stupid will explain his latest abuse of the constitution.

Incessantly listening to Thom Yorke. (There’s a site for his new CD, but it’s filled with flash and pdfs, so, really, what’s the point. That’s not browsing, that’s work.)

Good books and mags have been flooding in for this year’s Year’s Best. Now we are officially buried. Yay!

[Update] Good news about the 2006 edition: our editor reports the paperback edition just went back to press.
Big developers with no taste want to knock down Las Manitas restaurant in Austin, TX. How dumb is this? Does Marriott really want to close down a childcare facility and lose the best breakfast place for blocks around? Not a smart pr move. (Thanks for breaking our hearts, Robert.)

Git ye to an apple farm and pick.


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