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Ok, so some of it is great stuff, so sue us for the emotional distress of reading that Gene Wolfe’s books are good, not great. We believe you. We sympathize. We’d like to talk about it over tea, though, and think that mediation is appropriate here, instead of legal action.

Anyway, lookee here: 2006 Clarion SF eBay Auction Sept. 10 – Oct. 8. See the stuff or get straight to the bidding. Q? A. Chocolaty subscription to LCRW and naming rights to character in a Jim Kelly or Kelly Link story available. Huh. Must go bid!
All proceeds directly benefit the Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers’ Workshop at UCSD.

UCSD? Yup. Clarion East just became Where in the World is Carmen San Deigo.

Our mole (we have links everywhere) tells us the Foundation (a scary group of powerful backroom figures or an all volunteer board, you decide) spent a year talking to schools around the country and UCSD was the most enthusiastic and put together the best long-term package. Bummer to leave Michigan: it was hot, the food was college food, but everyone worked hard and the workshop was successful. Hope San Diego has a botanical garden near the dorms.
Clarion’s survival, being there for writers, is what all the Clarion workshops are about. Clarion West in Seattle is an amazing thing. Clarion South, the Australian edition, is every two years to best fit their needs. Clarion East becoming SD (or whatever) is pretty shocking but, like the move Clarion took from Pennsylvania to New Orleans(!) then to Michigan, it has to go where it must. 2007 instructors are: Gregory Frost Mary Anne Mohanraj, Jeff VanderMeer, Cory Doctorow, Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman.


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