Reasons to be mostly cheerful!

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It’s publication day for the paperback edition of Kelly Link’s second collection, Magic for Beginners. We should have pix to post from out there in Bookland, but as yet they cling to the phone and won’t let go. Babies! We will snap their little bonds and free their souls onto the internet. Soon, yet.

This is (maybe?) Kelly’s first book not published by Small Beer Press—it’s from Harcourt!—and although she is not here and cannot be directly quoted the minions have decided that She is Pleased with not only the book, but also the awesome tour (which should be updated soon to include Prairie Lights and some other places), the cover remix, and, in fact and let it be said with whole hearts, Everything.

Another pub date (the happiest of dates, those pub dates?): Changeling by Delia Sherman! This is Delia’s first young adult book and it clangs along at a great pace around New York City (mais oui, you see, it was where she grew up!). Great fun, great.
Soon to come: pictures of Ellen Kushner’s beautiful hardcover (get them here), anthologies, news about next year (which, mavens that you are, you mostly know already), updates on all the things we have yet to do (workwise, sweetie, workwise), and a rain of live frogs lifted from our pond and delivered to you, dear reader.

A reason not to be cheerful about convention going.

Alan’s coming from another dimension again.


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