Still looking forward to the future

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Gotta give H.E.(TM) his props for getting the word out that the world it is a-changing. By pulling what women have to face in private up onto the stage at the Hugo Awards, he gave the whole world a chance to consider what is and isn’t appropriate behavior in public and private.

For the price of public censure from those running the awards, H.E. (TM) has pried open a fantastic can of worms long needing opened.

This discussion has often previously run aground because each incident (aka “an anecdote” as how could the incident be proven to those who were not there?) was in private. Now, with everyone able to watch, a wide-ranging discussion is possible. Will this lead to adults behaving as John Klima hopes? Perhaps. At least interesting discussions, and — shock, horror — old dogs learning new tricks.

And David Moles shining like a star.

Questions abound on and off the net (Colleen, Christopher, etc.) and then there’s the beginnings of a better world, 2 conversations: Derryl Murphy on what SFWA can do for the community and the individual and the Bellwether discussion group.


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