Year’s Best arriving at platform 19

Fri 25 Aug 2006 - Filed under: Not a Journal., | Posted by: Gavin

Arrived today (or so), the latest YB 19edition of the editing gig that eats years as appetizers, The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror: 2006. This one has stories from Isabel Allende, Robert Coover, etc. Full table of contents here, but you’ll have to tramp to the bookshop (or make the bookshop come to you) if you want to look at the Honorable Mentions or read the short and flighty Summation of the year in fantasy.
Other new books have been arriving around here, so there should be more pix of them at some point.

We’ve been running around (Hello Nantucket, yay!) and we’re going to add some more dates to Kelly’s calendar soon (hello Iowa City).

Congrats to Gwenda, who is right now out looking for a new schoolbag.

Also: The LA Times is the latest to run Hillel Italie’s AP story on Kelly. Wow. (Thanks Andrew, Google, etc!)

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