Happy Birthday Douglas!

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Happy Birthday Douglas!

– John Scalzi (who earlier interviewed Alan) puts Ellen Kushner to the sword in a very good interview.

Locus picked Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead for their Notable Books: “Deeply weird, sometimes challenging, but always smart and affecting.” Yes indeedy.

Also: “Endlessly imaginative,” says Venus magazine.

– Local pop stars The Fawns have a new CD out, A Nice Place to Be. They had a launch gig the other night at The Elevens in Northampton (they’re playing next on Saturday, August 26, for free at The Basement). Delightful, funny, smart, what’s not to like? Poptastic. Makes a good break in between the Tilly and the Wall CDs. Pop for it! While that is in the mail to you, why not listen to their firstlCD, Smiling. Wonder if they’d go over well at Wiscon?


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