Alchemy 3 (Rest of the World 0)

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Added the third and final issue of the rather wonderful Alchemy magazine to the other shopping page.

Alchemy 3Alchemy, from Edgewood Press, is a well designed and edited perfect bound magazine that paid top dollar for stories, cover art, and printing. The contributors to the third issue are: Frances Hardinge, Tara Kolden, Hannah Wolf Bowen, Theodora Goss, Sonya Taafe, Sarah Monette, Beth Adele Long (2 stories!), and Timothy Williams. The stories come from across the whole range of fantasy with the high quality of the writing being the only common factor. Sarah Monette’s comfortable stretch, “The Seance at Chisholm End”, to one of Sonya Taafe’s most accessible pieces, “Like the Stars and the Sand.” Beth Adele Long provides a little experimentation with voice, Hannah Bowen gets bloody-handed, and Frances Hardinge takes readers on a really fantastic ride. Timothy Williams provides the spookiest story with a Kentucky exploration of “The Hollows”, although Theodora Goss’s “Letter from Budapest” is almost right up there with a story of an inescapable artist. Damn shame this magazine never saw better distribution. You can pick it up for $7 an issue (including shipping) or there are mini-deals for more copies.

– Also deleted Urban Pantheist 3, sorry about that Michael. Now only the 4th issue left.


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