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A couple of people wondered where the car fuel economy figures quoted in LCRW 18 came from. Some came from research done by Erik, one of der interns. Otherwise, the best resource was the Vehicle Certification Agency site. None of the cars seem to get over 70 mpg, but check the 61-70 range and you’ll see a ton of cars by Toyota, Nissan, Smart (which start selling here in ’07 — send us a demo and we’ll blog it!), Citroen, Renault, etc. etc. Lovely, comfy cars of the future.

Also from LCRW 18:

Two Notes

1. LCRW comes out twice a year. Should you wish a third issue, please send us a check for $500. That issue will be the Your-Name-Here Issue. It will also be numbered for our simpler editors.

2. A new literary award. We believe everyone is special (even those people who don’t read — or write for — LCRW, but this award is not for them). Here is the press release:

June 2006, Northampton, MA. LCRW and Small Beer announces The Eponymous Award, given to all writers on publication in LCRW of their writing. So, Bob Smith has been awarded the Bob Smith Award for Fiction Writing. Jane Smith has been awarded the Nonfiction Award. D.K. Smith has been awarded the Poetry Award. You get the idea.


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