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Howard Who? Books. That thing above is the real and actual Howard Who? cover. More stuff was added to the page. A crap condition hardcover of this can be got for almost the same price as our upcoming pb, but you wouldn’t get Kevin Huizenga’s Ugly Chicken drawing! On Bookfinder, ABE, etc., it runs about $40 for a nice non-library copy, and Elliott Bay, B. Brown, and more have it up around $125 for a fine/fine signed HC. Howard will be at World Fantasy Con in Austin, TX, in November, and you can get him to sign your copy there.

This book should shoot out once word gets around. It’s 20 years old but this is alt. hist. fic. so the stories aren’t dated, if anything they’re just more heartbreaking, more harsh. Was “Horror, We Got” really published? Damn. Should send it out to blowhards and talking heads and step back and watch them get all head-explodey.

– In picture books, you gots to read MOME. The Spring/Summer ish is “Designed by acclaimed designer and cartoonist Jordan Crane” and “spotlight[s] a regular cast of a dozen of today’s most exciting cartoonist.” ‘Tis true. Wacky, deep, odd, not your average kitchen sink-is-clogged-what-should-I-do lit comics antho.


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