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Darn and mea culpa:

Note on the Fifth Printing of Stranger Things Happen: We are sorry to say some copies of this printing have page 118 reprinted where page 188 should be. There are a couple of remedies. You can download the pdf of page 188 here or you can email us.
We are a tiny press and we apologize for our mistake. We hope the replacement page (or the book) will satisfy readers. However, if you’d rather, we will replace your book. Please email us if this is the case.
How to identify if your copy is a 5th printing: On the copyright page it states “First Edition 5 6 7 8 9 0”
Thank you.

Last minute reading: Kelly Link, Wed., Apr. 26, 7.30 pm — Club 356, 366 College Ave, Clemson, SC 29631 (864) 654-2356

Good man in a tight spot, Niall Harrison, says “Magic for Beginners” is a winner at the British Science Fiction Awards!

Also Magic for Beginners the collection and Kelly’s story “Some Zombie Contingency Plans” are up for the Bram Stoker Award.

  • Magic for Beginners has sold to a bunch of places including Donzelli Editore in Italy, Gayatari Publishing in Russia, and Argo in the Czech Republic. (Sales only go on the bibliography when the check comes in so there have actually been more sales but they haven’t been listed quite yet.)
  • Stranger Things Happen: Donzelli Editore, Italy; Delta Vision, Hungary; Gayatari Publishing, Russia ; and Argo, Czech Republic.
    And, a cancellation! Due to the instability of the Argentinian economy, [Company Name Redacted!] will not be able to publish Stranger Things Happen. Darn. Well, it was a gamble and maybe it will work out in the future.

Donzelli in Italy is going to publish STH in May and it looks like there might be an interview in a paper and so on. Now that’s fun!

Also, Kelly’s calendar got a few small updates (exact dates for Clarion South and so on).

Among the beautiful pages and good fiction and so on, go buy a copy of Sybil’s Garage #3 and read a new interview with Kelly Link carried out by Lauren McLaughlin.

A new interview with Kelly Link at Redivider.


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