Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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Drive out the snakes! Don’t drink that green stuff. Go to bed early. (Pardon?)

Variety and other sources say Hugh Jackman’s production company has optioned Jim Sallis’s short novel, Drive. Yay! (Another link: Dark Horizons)

A couple of things. Karen Joy Fowler has a thoughtful piece on Octavia Butler on Salon. Among the letters is one from a guy who has never read Butler and therefore she must be completely unimportant. Makes a limited amount of sense. Not mocking, just hope he gets to read some of those messy, fluid novels sooner rather than later.

From the Times Argus in Vermont comes the best reason for someone to call you at 6 AM: “Katherine Paterson wins international award, $640,000 prize.” The award is the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award for Literature established by the Swedish government and is great PR. Hopefully other governments will pick up this idea and start new awards. More awards?! Sure, more book awards which pay like that!

On $$$, Borders revenues were $4bn in 2005. B+N’s were $5bn. Small Beer tops them all with $5.0000001bn! The surprise breakout bestsellerdom of LCRW No. 15 (1.14bn sold and counting [if you’re waiting for yours we just got the 291st printing in stock]) added an unexpected $5bn to Small Beer’s revenue which resulted in a year on year percentage gain in sales that is too large for our tiny calculator to calculate. Paradise Copies in Northampton, MA, who print LCRW, were reported as saying over and over again, “Sure, we can get this to you by Monday.”

Great art. Neko Case‘s new CD has cover and some interior art by Julie Morstad — see more of her art here or order a kid’s book she illustrated When You Were Small by Sara O’Leary.


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