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Apex Digest just posted their Feb. ish and the writer of the month is Christopher Rowe. Read an interview, a new short, “Queen of the Moon,” and, from Bittersweet Creek,Men of Renown.” Chunk of interview:

Apex: You publish a critically acclaimed small press magazine titled Say…. What are your thoughts about the supposed impending doom of the small press, and literary digests/zines in general?

C.Rowe: I hadn’t heard about the impending doom of the small press, just plenty of talk about the impending doom of the, well, I guess you’d call it the medium press now. Asimov’s, Analog, those guys if we’re talking about genre fiction magazines. And sure, those magazines are going to have to do something pretty drastic pretty quickly (luckily, I’m not in a position where I’m required to identify the something) to survive while looking anything like what they do now. As for the small press and literary magazines in general, pshaw. “This is the golden age of the small press.” Jim Minz, big deal New York editor, said that and he only lies about half the time.


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