Trampoline – Index

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Trampoline: an anthology
Edited by Kelly Link

A partial index for this volume


“Sunrise colors faces of buildings”
“Far ahead, desert sunset spreads”
“sectional couch in Pearl Street”
“Her breakfast’s in a napkin”
rolls unheeded from her lap”
“Will there be”
“See, that by thy pillow.”
“lying by a tarry hand”
“she held a scrawny”
“but dwindled out an”
“oil of”
“Coors Lite cans and”
“keep him in warm beer and fresh”
“frozen exhaust on”
“circle further up”
“County 14”
“Grove Mall”
“and the last of”
“in the fading light”
“and licking the”
“with long, tongues”
“lit with citronella”
“Your hair’s”
“and silver like the seething”
“a glass of”
“sliver in the sky”
“Nut meats and”
“in a bowl”
“glowing bright”


and tiny fried eggplants stuffed with”
“cans of…and kidney beans”



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