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The Privilege of the Sword
Ellen Kushner


“This novel introduces a fearless and resourceful heroine with a true heart and a keen-edged blade. Spiced with humor and spot-on period detail, this coming-of-age tale belongs in most fantasy and YA collections.”
Library Journal (Starred Review)

“Plot and style here are in the swashbuckling tradition of Dumas, but the characters are very real beneath their facades.”

“Bound to become a feminist classic….”
— Helen Pilinovsky, Endicott Studio

“Winning high fantasy … a welcome return to the romantic Riverside world Kushner introduced in Swordspoint.”
Publishers Weekly

“If Swordspoint is a perfect gem, The Privilege of the Sword is the gem in its full setting: elegant, wicked, funny, intelligent, and fluent.”
Green Man Review

“There’s no doubt that the book is great fun. Kushner’s prose is fabulous and her characters vivid, though the book itself is far more charming than any of them. I hate having to say this about a book, because it sounds like an insult, but it really would make great beach reading.”
Emerald City

Advance Readers say:

“One of the most gorgeous books I’ve ever read: it’s witty and wonderful, with characters that will provoke, charm and delight.”
— Holly Black (Tithe)

“A magical mixture of Dumas and Georgette Heyer. The dialogue dazzles and so does the swordplay.”
— Kelly Link (Magic for Beginners)


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