Vandana Singh – Trampoline Interview

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Trampoline: an interview

Vandana SinghVandana Singh (The Woman Who Thought She Was a Planet)

Were there any particular writers or stories that influenced the writing of the story that will be appearing in Trampoline? If so, how exactly did they influence the writing of your story?

I read a beautiful short story by Walter Tevis in some ancient anthology and loved it, although I have forgotten its name. But I also wanted to pull its leg. Hence my story.

What’s your favorite cocktail?

The juice of fresh mangoes.

Which of the seven deadly sins is your favorite these days?

Gluttony, especially as applied to mangoes. Real mangoes, that is. Not the ones you get in the Western Hemisphere.

What’s your favorite rule of thumb?

Faraday’s Right Hand Rule. (If your thumb points in the direction of a current in a wire, the magnetic field lines due to the current will wrap around the wire in the same sense as your fingers).

Do you have any pets? How many? And if so, how do they affect your writing (if at all)?

I have a venerable 14-year-old Corgi dog who is a constant companion, without whom I would not be able to write a word. He lies under the table and sighs while I type. I discuss character development and plot lines with him, and he gives me this extraordinarily wise, patient, Buddha-like look in return.

What is the writer’s role in inhabiting the commercial spaces of publishing?

To subvert the dominant paradigm.

Who’s been eating my porridge?

Certainly not me, since that is not my idea of breakfast.

Who cleft the Devil’s foot?

I don’t know, but you could ask Dubya and his cohorts since they seem to be intimately acquainted with the aforementioned gentleman.

Does she or doesn’t she?

You are assuming she is a binary system.

Where is the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing?

Where is the dyspeptic camel? Where is the green grass growing?

What immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry?

The unskilled fingers, the blind eye of a god called Evolution, perhaps?

What has it got in its pocketses?

Several new stories. Interested?

What has it got in its ‘pocalypse?

Ask Dubya.


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