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A collection of fiction and sometimes fancy (but usually plain).
There’s a Best of (So Far) available from Del Rey—more here.
LCRW was a Hugo finalist in 2007: yay!
And then barely scraped out one issue in 2009 . . .

LCRW is a zine that:

  • has a few reviews here
  • comes out twice a year
  • tried and failed to make a third issue appear
  • has experimented with a color cover and perfect binding and may at some point return to it
  • has had fiction, poetry, and nonfiction reprinted in The Zine Yearbook, The Living Dead, The Best of LCRW (ha!), Years Best SF, Fantasy: Best of the Year, and The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror,
  • is, at 68 pages, too thick for this saddle-stitched (i.e. stapled) format
  • comes with chocolate (we wish more magazines would come with chocolate)
  • is black and white and well read, misread, and unread all over
  • loves cafes and sometimes disappears for days
  • is printed in 10 point Bodoni, a surprisingly good early type choice for its combination of space-saving aspects and high readability
  • would benefit from a proofreader or two
  • surprises us
  • is loved and no doubt hated with equal fervor but for the most part is unknown
  • keeps coming out, even after all these long years since 1996. [Wait, that isn’t so long, geologically. It’s only long in politics, movie ticket prices, and software terms.]
  • sells ad space, which is a pretty funny concept
  • somewhat wackily has published a story by at least one New York Times bestseller
  • will no doubt produce a book sometime
  • stops us working on books sometimes
  • would love to be in more shops
  • has queried distros and found that a zine/lit journal thingy thing is not high on their list of wants. [Huh.]

Never perfect bound! We are still and ever full of lies. But, hey, this is three issues in one year! Wow. Better not make it a habit. 17 things this zine is doing.

LCRW No.16, 6/05

Available. A powerful, powerful experience. Potent, even. More calumny and lies: no perfect binding. No color (unless it’s hand-colored…). Excuses? We’ve got a few. None of them good. Ah well. Doesn’t affect the interior, only the perceptions.

LCRW No.15

Also: Foolishness. Cafe Press now allows adding the same image to tons of products at once. So, we did. The front page doesn’t look like the image is there but if you click on the ‘product’ you’ll see Steve Lieber’s lovely drawing in Pantone something or other on natural stock.

Aunt Gwenda’s advice column.

Mea Culpa: This issue was meant to be perfect bound but due to the chief headbanger banging his head a little too much over new year, it ended up saddle stitched. Next time: perfect bound. (Later: that turned out not to be true.)

No.14 – Columns: L.Timmel Duchamp and Ms. Gwenda Bond.

14 lithe charming ruddy waiters15 Luddite Cumbrian Rutabaga Wranglers

No. 13 – An advice column: Dear, Dear Auntie and a nonfiction piece: Home and Security

No. 12 — A few zine reviews.

No. 11Zine reviews. Read “The Rapid Advance of Sorrow” by Theodora Goss and “Lady Faraway” by Minsoo Kang at Fantastic Metropolis.

No. 10 Zine reviews
No.9Zine reviews, mostly
No.8Zine reviews, alphabetical, one music review
what? Nothing online? And sold out. Pa. See The Best of LCRW for the best bits.
Read: “A Mad Tea Party” by Chris Barzak; “Other Agents” by Richard Butner.

One of the hottest zines in the business”
Angle Mag

“tiny but celebrated”
The Washington Post

“tiny, but cerebrated”
— Hugh Jeedjit

“Old as Methuselah in small-press years, LCRW shows no signs of hardening of the arteries.”

zine: small magazine

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