Tonight, Kelly & Victor LaValle, Brooklyn

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Tonight at 7:30 PM you can catch Victor LaValle and Kelly Link in conversation about LaValle’s latest book The Devil in Silver at Greenlight Books, 686 Fulton Street 
(at South Portland)
, Brooklyn, NY 11217 Click here for a map.

In other Kelly news, I might be reading this wrong but it looks like you could pick up the Sub Press limited edition of Stranger Things Happen 1/2-price in this sale(!). I’ve got a photo of a galley to post soon. So near actuality!

And two more quickly nearing events:

Kelly will join Karen Joy Fowler &c at the Kentucky Women Writers Conference, Lexington, KY, on September 21 – 22. And, we get to see Gwenda and Christopher wherein we will get to toast the talk of the town, Gwenda’s debut novel Blackwood!

And on  the 5th – 7th of October Kelly is one of the guests (along with Peter Watts,  Joe Abercrombie, Sara Bergmark Elfgren & Mats Strandberg, and Niels Dalgaard) at Kontrast in Uppsala, Sweden. Can’t wait to go! Afterward we are visiting family—and going to see museeeuuummmss in the Hague.

Stories of Your Life, 3

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Just a quick note to note that we would like to note that, wait. Start again:

We just got copies of the third printing of Ted Chiang’s excellent debut collection, Stories of Your Life and Others. Thanks to Ori Avtalio and other sharp-eyed readers for helping us with typos. This is a book that I can honestly give to just about anyone and say, “Read the title story,” and know they will love it.


Up on Poppy Hill

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Thank you someone (sorry I didn’t take note who it was!) on Twitter who linked to the lovely trailer for Studio Ghibli‘s new film, Up on Poppy Hill:

Small Beer Podcast 12: Benjamin Rosenbaum’s “Sense and Sensibility”

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The Ant King and Other Stories cover - click to view full size

There are just so many lovely people in the world. That was my conclusion after talking with David Thompson, the co-editor and host of Podcastle. He just showed up one day and offered to read a story for our little podcast. Well, of course, we said yes.

I couldn’t be more thrilled  with the pairing we’ve come up with: David Thompson reads Benjamin Rosenbaum. “Sense and Sensibility” is a wild mash-up of Jane Austin, the German comic-grotesteque and Gormenghast, a perfect story for the dog days of summer.

But wait, there’s more! Because we know one Rosenbaum story is just never enough, Small Beer is offering Benjamin’s collection, The Ant King and Other Stories, as a free Creative Commons licensed ebook download.

David’s first audiobook, Tim Pratt’s Briarpatch, will be coming out this fall while Benjamin’s latest story, “Elsewhere,” can be found at Strange Horizons. First though, I hope you’ll spend a little time with both David and Benjamin, a truly excellent pairing.

Episode 12: In which David Thompson read’s Benjamin Rosenbaum’s “Sense and Sensibility.”

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The Freedom Maze wins the Mythopoeic Award

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The Freedom Maze cover - click to view full sizeGreat news this weekend (2): Delia Sherman’s The Freedom Maze received the Mythopoeic Award!

Here’s more about the award (lifted from their website): the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children’s Literature honors books for younger readers (from “Young Adults” to picture books for beginning readers), in the tradition of The Hobbit or The Chronicles of Narnia or that best exemplifies “the spirit of the Inklings.” The winners of this year’s awards were announced during Mythcon 43 in Berkeley, California.

In other news for The Freedom Maze, the Listening Library unabridged audio edition is coming out soon. Listening Library are very excited about the book and we can’t wait to get our hands on a copy.

Redemption in Indigo wins the Parallax Award

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Redemption in Indigo cover - click to view full sizeGreat news this weekend (1): Karen Lord’s Redemption in Indigo has received the Carl Brandon Parallax Award!

Here’s more about the award (lifted from their website):

the Carl Brandon Parallax Award is given to works of speculative fiction created by a self-identified person of color. The award includes a $1000 cash prize. Nnedi Okorafor received the Carl Brandon Kindred Award for her novel Who Fears Death and the honors list comprised:  N.K. Jemisin,  The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, Anil Menon,  The Beast with Nine Billion Feet, Charles Yu “Standard Loneliness Package.” The 2010 Carl Brandon Awards will be presented at Worldcon in Chicago, August 30 – September 12, 2012. The jury statements and full nominations list will be published at that time.

In other news about Karen, Redemption in Indigo is on the Not the Booker looonglist. She also has a lovely cover for the UK edition of her forthcoming book The Best of All Possible Worlds—it comes out next February and is great—AND, as if that is not enough, she (lifting from her blog) . . .

and Karen Burnham (NASA engineer by day, SF reviewer and podcaster by night) approached me to ask if I would be interested in doing a podcast with her, the ‘yes’ couldn’t fly out of my mouth fast enough. We have a lot in common, including a first name, a degree (BSc Physics) and a hobby (martial arts/fencing). I was eager to tackle my to-read list and take some recommendations and, more importantly, do so in a meaningful way that would expand my appreciation of the craft of writing and the literary and scientific merits of speculative fiction. And so the podcast SF Crossing the Gulf came to be.

You can find it here, kindly hosted by SF Signal, and it will also be available via RSS feed and iTunes.

The Sale of Midsummer

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Coming on Friday: Joan Aiken’s lovely story “The Sale of Midsummer” will be released on Consortium’s free Bookslinger short story app.