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It is the end of 2011 and I am very happy about it. Good-bye, old year, good-bye. Do not be coming back, thank you. Although there were lovely parts, it will not be missed. 2012 looks much brighter.

Anyway: we are celebrating with a one-day sale: 33% off all ebooks on weightlessbooks.com.

Get your LCRW sub here and Small Beer books here and tons of others here.

And, in case I don’t get to it tomorrow, Happy New Year!

After the Apocalypse Fairy Tale Review Special Apex Magazine Issue 31

Rifter 10: His Holy Bones Wicked Gentlemen Lightspeed Magazine Issue 19

The White City Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #85 Secret Lives

get liminal!

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Annalee Newitz reviews Ayize Jama-Everett’s debut novel and if you read the review you’ll see why we had to publish the book:

The Liminal People“You’ll be sucked into a fast-paced story about superpowered people struggling for control of the underground cultures they inhabit…. The novel is a damn good read. It’s a smart actioner that will entertain you while also enticing you to think about matters beyond the physical realm.”
—Annalee Newitz, io9

Read the first three chapters.

No more holiday shipping

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UPDATED: Please note we will not shipping books from our office until December 30. (Ebooks always available? Mais oui!)

In the meantime, one of our lovely local bookstores, Broadside, has all our books in stock and we very much encourage you to shop there!

The post office reminds us that the end of year celebrations are approaching. The sun is sinking in the northern hemisphere and we must eat, drink, and be merry for if we are bury ourselves deep in winter’s cold the sun may leave and never come back.

So set off some firecrackers, dig up the turnips, unleash the sun captured in the corn, the wine, the spirits, and have at the winter until it cracks wide open and spring comes charging in.

Should your winter fancy turn to books, please note we do not guarantee holiday shipping after these post office-provided dates. (Apart from ebooks.)


Free Media Mail shipping: December 1, 2011

APO/FPO/DPO AE: December 9, 2011

Priority Mail: December 16, 2011

Express Mail: December 16, 2011


1st class mail: December 1, 2011

Priority Mail: December 11, 2011


December 1, 2011

Rest of the World

December 9, 2011

Thank you!

UPDATED: Our office will be closed from 4 PM EST on December 16 through to December 29. We will be open December 30 then closed over the new year and open again, fresh-eyed and energetic on Monday January 2, 2012.

Interview + Under the Poppy

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The TakerA couple of months ago at a book event in Stockbridge we were lucky enough to meet Alma Katsu, author of one of those everyone-is-talking-about-it books, The Taker.

Alma was really lovely and it turns out had read some of our books. She recently decided to do some interviews about different aspects of the publishing world and sent us a few questions for her expertly titled blog, Endpaper Notes.

The interview is here and she also has a copy of Kathe Koja’s Under the Poppy to give away to commenters.

Big Mouth asks for typos!

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I hate this part! But it must needs be done. Next spring we’re publishing paperbacks of two of our Big Mouth House titles and we would love to hear from anyone who has spotted a typo. (You can send in typos you find in any of our books anytime. It makes me wince, but, better to know about them than not, right? Right. Argh!)

Here are the books we’re working on and would love to here hear from you about:

Joan Aiken, The Serial Garden. This is a book with legs! So happy that people love this book. The paperback will be a few dollars cheaper but should have all the art and so on from the hardcover.

Lydia Millet, The Fires Beneath the Sea. The first edition is pretty much sold out—that Kirkus Reviews Best of 2011 listing certainly helped! The paperback will include the first chapter of the follow up, The Shimmers in the Night, which comes out in July.

Next week (+ giveaway)

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We have a new episode of Who Is Amazon Trying To Stomp Out of Business/Subsume/Buy Out This Week. Then we will keel over in shock, shock I tells you when we discover that the $34-billion WalMart-wannabe has disclosed its teeth to the public once again. You should see what they’re like behind closed doors. Not pretty. They’ve hired some great people, they’re going to buy some great books for their publishing arm, but, man, those people are, um, not nice.

Besides that, we have a new installment of Julie Day’s excellent Small Beer Podcast. This one features two stories from Three Messages and a Warning as well as actual and real beer from our new fave beer store, TruBeer, in Easthampton.

Want to preview the anthology? You can read two stories here.

We’ll also have office copies of at least one of our January books (yes, they were December, they slipped, darn it!), Ayize Jama-Everett’s The Liminal People. We will have giveaways for that, so be ready to define liminal.

In fact, we’ll send a free galley to the first five commenters (US/Canada only, sorry) on this post who post comments either on people or liminality(!).

Remember the holiday shipping deadlines—and how they don’t apply to our ebooks!

And: we will be posting some new books. Preorders welcome! We love preorders! We send them out asap so that you get the book long before it reaches the distribution system. Go, baby, go.

What else? Next week we will be trying to finish up a lot of work before 2011 goes quietly into the night. You never know, might get it done!

Can’t argue with this

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After the Apocalypse is “The absolute most perfect thing for those post-apocalyptic fiction fans and zombie lovers on your list” says the Cleve Scene.

The things we do to books

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And interns! Occasionally the returns we get from our distributor (books that have been shipped to stores, back to the distro, and back to our office) are in such bad condition that we can’t even give them away. (We mail returned copies in good condition out to various groups—including the OWS library!—and sell there here.) How do they get that way? Who knows?! (Not sure I want to know.)

We had this box of nearly destroyed books which was beginning to spill over and I decided that instead of just tearing off the covers and recycling the innards (which our lovely town will do) we’d tear up the short story collections and anthologies and include the individual stories with orders. I am hoping that those who receive them enjoy the single stories more than they’re horrified to receive them—tearing the books up has been all too much for at least one intern and the task had to handed over to someone with a stronger constitution!

So now we’re getting rid of another box of books, spreading the word about good stories, and some of us are getting a most unexpected touch of exercise . . . tearing up books!