Library Journal says you might like this book

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There was actual whooping in the office today when this came in!

Library Journal
October 1, 2011
Three Messages and a Warning: Contemporary Mexican Short Stories of the Fantastic
Edited by Eduardo Jiménez Mayo and Chris N. Brown, Small Beer Press,  9781931520317

“Encompassing a definition of fantasy that includes the extraterrestrial, the supernatural, the macabre, and the spectral, these stories are set in unusual locales and deal with bizarre characters. All are very short (some just two pages), and most offer a surprise twist at the end, though occasionally the only reaction these endings may elicit from the reader is “Huh?” The universal scope of the themes transcends the Mexican provenance; for example, one detects an apocalyptic influence in Liliana V. Blum’s “Pink Lemonade,” and Argentine Julio Cortázar’s “Bestiary” influences Bernardo Fernández’s “Lions.” Most of the volume’s 34 authors, half of whom are women, are relatively unknown to American readers, and for many of them, publication in this anthology represents their first exposure to an English-reading audience. The translations, several of which were done by the editors, convey the individuality, if not idiosyncrasies, of these tales. VERDICT This collection will appeal mostly to fans of fantasy and sf and, to a lesser degree, those interested in contemporary Mexican literature.”

If this is Saturday, it must be Baltimore

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We go to Baltimore. Please come by and say hello!

In fact: here are some newish events for Kelly and Steampunk! An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories edited by Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant . . . out now (well, Oct. 11, really): 14 stories! 4 starred reviews!

Saturday, Sept. 24, 6:30 PM: Baltimore Book Festival: Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant lead a discussion about the Steampunk genre with Michael Kirby and Eden Unger-Bowditch. Come find out what Steampunk is all about! (Eek! Their description, not ours.)

October 5, 7 PM: Center for Fiction, NYC: “Why Fantasy Matters” with Kelly Link (Magic for Beginners) Felix Gilman (The Half Made World), Naomi Novik (the Temeraire series), and Lev Grossman (The Magicians) moderated by Laura Miller, a contributor to the online magazine Salon.

October 15, 11 AM: Boston Book Festival: Steampunk! with Gavin J. Grant, Holly Black and steampunk creator Allison DeBlasio (aka Mrs. Grymm). Moderated by Maya Escobar, Teen Librarian at the Cambridge Public Library.

November 3, 7 PM: Steampunk! event with Gavin J. Grant and Cassandra Clare, Odyssey Books, South Hadley, MA


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Been meaning to post something in response to this guest post by Rachel Manja Brown and Sherwood Smith at Rose Fox’s Publishers Weekly Genreville blog “Say Yes to Gay YA.” To get to the essence of it: yes, we are open to all kinds of books with all kinds of characters.

To answer a few follow on questions:

  • Yes, we are open to submissions from anyone. (Hence we are always behind on reading, sorry.)
  • No, we don’t take electronic submissions—with only Kelly and I reading if we took electronic submissions all we would do is read, we wouldn’t ever have time for anything else.
  • Yes, I and/or Kelly read everything that comes in.
  • Yes, we publish first time authors, old hands, well known and unknowns. We love books, we love the books we publish. If we love your book, we’ll publish it. We are constrained by time and budget to 10-12 books per year. (Buy our books and help us publish more!)
  • Yes, we pay advances. The highest we’ve paid is in the low five figures, so, no, you are not going to get a huge offer from us.
  • Yes, we pay industry standard royalties (although our ebook royalty is twice industry standard: 50% of net receipts).
  • Yes, our books are for sale everywhere through the good people at our distributor, Consortium.
  • Yes, all our books are available in print and ebook editions: although no doubt soon we will start adding some ebook only titles.

But all that is by the by: mostly I just wanted to make it very open and obvious that we are open to submissions from everyone.

Posted this morning after watching this video (link from Metafilter):

Freedom Maze final cover

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It wraps round, see, so you need to see the whole big bright and shiny thing—now with added Gregory Maguire for joy.

Did we mention the first review it received was a starred review in Kirkus Reviews? Happy? Yes, indeedy!

Clickity click click!

Oops. No Brooklyn after all.

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Oops. We will not be at the Brooklyn Book Fest today after all. So sad! So sorry to miss all the fun—and our panels—but Kelly isn’t well so c’est la vie.

And, we ever-so-sensibly shipped books down this year so if anyone feels like selling books, ping me!

Hope everyone there enjoys the lovely weather.

Book Fests! Baltimore

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Next Saturday we are doing a panel at the Baltimore Book Fest where they are also looking for people who want to dress up and partake up in steampunk fun: email Emma Casale ([email protected], 410-917-7262) if you’re interested!

Steampunk!: Clockwork, Invention, Adventure

September 24, 2011, 6:30PM

Location: Children’s Bookstore Stage

Kelly Link and Gavin Grant lead a discussion about the Steampunk genre with Michael Kirby and Eden Unger-Bowditch. Come find out what Steampunk is all about!

More About the Authors
Kelly Link Steampunk!
Gavin Grant Steampunk!
Eden Unger Bowditch The Atomic Weight of Secrets or The Arrival of the Mysterious Men in Black
Matthew Kirby The Clockwork Three

Book Fests! Brooklyn

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Tonight Kelly is in Brooklyn to read at the powerHouse Arena Tin House/Electric Literature party—her Steampunk! story, “The Summer People,” also appears in the new Ecstatic issue of Tin House,

Then on Sunday, Sept. 18, we will be at the Brooklyn Book Fest where we will be at table #124 and both Kelly and I have panels. Come on by and say hi! Don’t quite know if we will have the secret t-shirts we had at Readercon (maybe at some point they’ll be on sale here . . . ) or LCRW mugs but we have the new ish of LCRW, and books, books, glorious books!

12:00 P.M. Crashing Genres. Join authors whose work defies classification: crashing the genre borders of sci-fi / fantasy and the supernatural. Cory Doctorow (For The Win and NYT best-selling Little Brother), has won the Locus and Sunburst Awards, Kelly Link, author of cult favorite stories in Pretty Monsters and Magic for Beginners and best-selling author Jewell Parker Rhodes, winner of the American Book Award, uses magical realism to examine race and memory in her New Orleans vampire trilogy Seasons, Moon, and Hurricane. Moderated by Stephanie Anderson.

5:00 P.M. Epic Adventures. Have you ever wanted to travel to the other side of the world to experience new places, really learn about other cultures, and maybe even find your true love in the process? Join graphic novelist Sarah Glidden (How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less) and author/illustrator team Casey Scieszka and Steven Weinberg (To Timbuktu: Nine Countries, Two People, One True Story) as they take you on two powerful journeys that really show what is like to be entirely somewhere else. Moderated by Gavin Grant, co-editor of Steampunk!: An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories.

New Lydia Millet cover

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We’ve just gotten a near final cover from Sharon McGill for Lydia Millet’s second middle grade novel, The Shimmers in the Night—the second book in the Dissenters series after The Fires Beneath the Sea. BTW, Lydia will be on a blog tour later this fall for Fires. Anyway: jacket!

The Company We Keep – Under the Poppy takes to the road

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A Guest Post from Kathe Koja:

An industrial art festival, throngs of hipsters, and bands, and Sailor Jerry rum…. And upstairs there was a Victorian townhouse, lovingly designed and painstakingly painted, hung about with deep red curtains, decorated with lavish lace and plump floor pillows and risque art. There was wine, and chocolates; there were flowers. There were curious glances as the curious audience—whose knowledge of Under the Poppy ranged from multiple devoted readings to “What’s this all about?”—made its way past the Poppy booth into the playing space.  And then the door closed behind them, and the show began.

“The company we keep
May keep us from our sleep
And keep us toss-and-turning till the morning …” Read more