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eleven eleven: 5You can get an advance peek at Benjamin Parzybok’s debut novel Couch in the new issue of eleven eleven (a lit journal from the California College of the Arts) which has an excerpt, “On the Tracks.” The cover photo (which is an awesome wraparound) is by Thomas Dooley and the photo of eleven eleven is by Danielle Baldassini.

We just got a great blurb for Couch from Paul La Farge:

“A lot of people are looking for magic in the world today, but only Benjamin Parzybok thought to check the sofa, which is, I think, the place it’s most likely to be found. Couch is a slacker epic: a gentle, funny book that ambles merrily from Coupland to Tolkien, and gives couch-surfing (among other things) a whole new meaning.”

new covers: Ryman

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Here’s a first look at final or near final covers for our Sept/Oct/November books. (Covers link to larger versions.)

Geoff Ryman, The King's Last Song

The cover of Geoff Ryman’s The King’s Last Song is made up of two photos, one by Pablo Carral Vega (from Corbis) and one by Jeremy Horner (Panos). Our cover is a variation on the UK HarperCollins edition with a new typeface, new text, and so on. The files we got from HarperCollins were complicated, quite beautiful, and fascinating to work with.

This book sold pretty well in the UK so we are sending it out far and wide to try and generate some good reviews and word of mouth. There aren’t many novels set in Cambodia (either modern day or historical) so this one fills a gap. Booklist gave it a starred review and Library Journal gave it a strong recommendation. We, of course, do too! It’s a gobsmackingly-large canvas novel to dive into—very much autumn out on the hammock reading.

Geoff is teaching this semester at UC San Diego (where he just taught at the Clarion Workshop, too), so if you’re in the area look out for possible readings.

SF in SF header image 1One confirmed reading already: Saturday, November 15 (with Ellen Klages) as part of the SF in SF series.

“Ryman’s knack for depicting characters; his ability to tell multiple, interrelated stories; and his knowledge of Cambodian history create a rich narrative that looks at Cambodia’s “killing fields”—both recent and ancient—and Buddhist belief with its desire for transcendence. Recommended for all literary fiction collections.—Library Journal

* “An unforgettably vivid portrait of Cambodian culture past and present.”
Booklist (starred review)

The King’s Last Song has shipped from the printer so pre-orders will be sent out soon and it will arrive in stores within a week or so.

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Needs More Coaster

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The Ant King and Other StoriesStill wondering whether you should buy into the Ant King’s lair? There are reviews coming up in Realms of Fantasy and the Washington Post and of course, you can read a bunch of the stories online or just download the whole thing.

Benjamin Rosenbaum’s stories run the gamut from weird to truly weird. Sometimes the whimsical aspects can occlude the deep rigor and the intellectual underpinnings: make no mistake, no matter what the genre, these are some of the best stories we’ve read in recent years and we’re very happy to share them with readers.

Ben just announced a competition on his blog (with a nice long deadline) for readers to create derivative works from his stories:

  • On March 3, 2009 (that gives you six months), Ben will send signed (and extensively doodled-upon) hardcover copies of The Ant King and Other Stories to the creators of the three derivative works that he likes the best

Go, create!

Oops, poetry

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September/October 2008 coverThere’s a nice shout out for Small Beer in the print version of Poets & Writers which says that we publish poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. While this is and has always been true for LCRW, it isn’t true of Small Beer. Kelly is interested (in a long-term manner) in adding poetry to the mix, but for the moment we just don’t have the knowledge of the field or the $$ to invest in such a low-return field.

Small Beer Press is a for-profit concern (at least theoretically). Despite giving away thousands of books, we are in this to make a living and to pay everyone (except our sainted interns) at least something. If we were a nonprofit and applying and supported by grants, we might publish poetry (and there are 100s of poetry publishers who manage it) but since we have to try and do all this on the money that comes in from sales: for the nonce we’re sticking to fiction (and the occasional nonfiction).

Pretty Monsters news

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Pretty Monsters: Stories CoverWe just sent out a couple more ARCs of Pretty Monsters (such a pretty book!) to people who won our earlier LCRW sweepstakes. We have a couple more to give out this month before the book comes out on October 2nd. We will probably give them away at the Brooklyn Book Fair and on here or in our newsletter.

Kelly will also have a tiny tiny giveaway thingy at our table at the Book Fair.

There are a few reviews in Blogistan (Oops…Wrong Cookie, Monsters & Critics) but keeping track of that seems a little Sisyphean. Penguin and Kelly have started setting up some readings. More on that as they approach. As always, the easiest way to keep up is our calendar.

Booklist just gave Pretty Monsters a starred review and there was a tiny interview in Time Out New York last week (thanks for the heads-up Curt!):

“In nearly every one of these startlingly, sometimes confoundingly original stories, Link defies expectations with such terrific turnarounds that you are left precipitously wondering not only “What’s going to happen now?” but also “Wait, what just happened?

okładkaMeanwhile, out there in the world there is a beautiful Polish edition of Magic for Beginners. We haven’t seen it yet, but the cover looks fantastic.

WFC memberships for sale

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We have 2 memberships to the 2008 World Fantasy Convention in Calgary for sale: $100 each. Please pass the word along to anyone you know who might be interested, thanks!

Update: Sold both, thanks.

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